Earlier this year, Söderberg & Partners acquired the consultancy Gewert Advice, a company that Magnus Gewert had successfully built up and where he was CEO. He is now CEO of Söderberg & Partners Compensation & Benefits. And there is absolutely no doubt at all that he knows which way he is heading.


We’re working in exactly the same way as before. And just as before, we are a consultancy that works with company management in our client companies, confirms Magnus Gewert, continuing:

But at the same time we’re broadening our outlook and including the whole chain of pay, pensions and benefits.


Effective system tools increase commercial value

There is a rational explanation for Magnus Gewert choosing to merge with Söderberg & Partners. The market is changing and to be able to continue to offer good solutions, good system support is needed.

Söderberg & Partners has developed very good, effective systems in the field of Payroll & Benefits as well as Financial Technology. We can use these to deliver additional commercial value to our clients, explains Magnus Gewert.


Absolute integrity through effective firewalls

In businesses there is a risk that information is shared between different departments, for example within a group of companies, even though this should not happen. Compensation & Benefits works in close collaboration with company management teams and has access to a lot of information.

Whatever clients entrust us with at Compensation & Benefits stays here. The Swedish Insurance Mediation Act is very much the linchpin for us. There is a long tradition of confidentiality within Söderberg & Partners and this has contributed strongly to authorities, insurance companies, employers and employees choosing to engage the Group, says Magnus Gewert.

For example, the analysis team within the Group evaluates insurance companies, which involves studying detailed financial information, while at the same time their advisers are in open competition with insurance intermediaries within the Group – this requires procedures that guarantee absolute confidentiality.

Furthermore, the Group has a large number of municipalities as clients. The Securities and Institutions units have access to sensitive financial information in connection with assignments that involve offering support for borrowing or administration.


How do you regulate access rights to information about clients?

Information about clients is saved on separate data disks. The CEO of each business area within the Group has the right to allocate access rights to others. All CEOs must comply with the Group’s internal policy regulating the allocation of access rights, as adopted by the Board, explains Magnus Gewert.

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