Vision & Values

Compensation & Benefits’ goal is to work proactively today in order that employers shall be well-equipped to meet tomorrow’s challenges in the areas of pay, pensions, benefits and skills development.


To make this possible, our work is based on core values, the cornerstones of which are personal consideration, independent analysis and openness. This means that you, the client, have access to all of the solutions in the market and maintain control over your risks, always on the basis of your own specific situation.


  • Open: we are open about our revenue model.

We believe openness and trust go hand in hand. We place great emphasis on analysing and evaluating the alternatives available, in order to find the best, most cost-efficient solutions, services and products based on the client’s unique needs. Our revenue model is essentially based on fees, although we are open to discuss payment based on the result achieved.

  • Analytical: S&P has one of the biggest analysis departments in the Nordic region.

To support the advice we give, we have one of the Nordic region’s biggest independent analysis departments in the banking and insurance industry. Söderberg & Partners has also developed the S&P Payroll system and the S&P Benefits portal, which provide a clear understanding of payroll structures and expenses relating to pensions, benefits and skills development.

  • Personal: we put a lot of energy into giving personal advice.

Initiatives by consultants and our recommendations are always based on the client’s unique needs and circumstances. This is true regardless of whether you represent a major publicly listed company or are self-employed.


Values for the future

Compensation & Benefits’ values are identical to the values of the Söderberg & Partners Group. As well as a clear strategy and goal, the entrepreneurial drive in the company is an important factor. The ability of our managers and employees to pass on this culture so that we can continue to develop successful areas and teams is another important factor. It is our fearless attitude and the responsibility towards the client that have created the culture we have today. It is our employees who have defined our values, the values on which our culture is based. At Söderberg & Partners we are Bold, Responsible, Helpful and Driven.

Work on these values is an ongoing process, and the words will never have one definitive interpretation – there is no right or wrong. We encourage employees and clients to consider for themselves what the values mean to them personally, and to link this to their own situation.

Our entire business and the relationship with our clients is based on trust. If we are to retain this trust among our clients, we must make sure that all employees understand and share our values and our basic vision of how we behave and treat each other. We are convinced that satisfied employees also produce satisfied clients.

Ever since the beginning, Söderberg & Partners has worked to develop, renew and revolutionise the traditional method of working in the industry. For us, it means not only being a driving force in developing the Swedish insurance market, but also driving issues of equal opportunity. The business world has historically been very much dominated by men, even though we are starting to see a change. Diversity among our employees is therefore an important factor. For us, diversity is not just about men and women, we also believe that there is enormous value in hiring employees with a variety of competences, experiences and frames of reference. With a diversified approach to recruitment, we are succeeding in attracting not only more women, but also people with a different background and ethnicity, as well as people from other industries.

We are convinced that with this constantly growing and diversified group of employees, who contribute different opinions, perspectives, competences and personalities, we will also succeed in challenging and revolutionising the industry in terms of equal opportunity and diversity.

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