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Compensation & Benefits offers knowledge and system support to businesses in four areas: Digital Performance Reviews, Increased Control of Personnel Costs, Pension & Insurance Benefits and Employability.

Our primary goal is for companies and organisations to achieve good control over their personnel costs. We do this by making sure that company management teams develop the right processes. With the right processes in place, personnel costs – which are a major cost item – are kept at a desired level, contributing to higher profitability.

Our services

Digital performance reviews

Increased control of personnel costs

Pensions & insurance benefits


In today’s labour market, it is increasingly important to make sure that employees understand the link between individual work performance and compensation. Through its consultative services, Söderberg & Partners Compensation & Benefits supports employers in the structuring and implementation of tomorrow’s guidelines for pay, pensions, benefits and skills development.

The fact that we achieve tangible, measurable results is because of our process-oriented consultancy, the development of system support and the training of managers with responsibility for setting pay levels. Our work also results in employees actually understanding the link between individual work performance and compensation. This contributes to higher profitability.

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