Digital Performance Reviews

The introduction of GDPR brings with it requirements for digital processes for performance reviews.

New times bring new challenges for employers, which in turn places new demands on suppliers. Employers are being forced to review their processes describing how performance reviews are conducted. The introduction of the new GDPR regulation, which replaced the rules laid down by the Swedish Personal Data Act, means there are new requirements for transparency and accessibility.

Heartpace specialises in the digitalisation of management by objectives and employee evaluation. Heartpace operates web-based support for company management and managers with responsibility for performance reviews and management by objectives.

Together with Heartpace, Söderberg & Partners is better able to support clients in implementing business strategies through employees, assessing performance and helping achieve clarity around conditions and principles for setting pay, pension offerings, benefits and skills development. All too often, a well-considered strategy fails because there are no decent tools for managers with staff responsibility to realise it at the individual level.

If you want to find out more, visit or feel free to contact CEO Henrik Dannert directly at Heartpace, +46 706603820, or Magnus Gewert on +46 733974104.

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