Pensions & insurance benefits

Both the lower and upper retirement age are to be increased. Employees will also be able to choose to stay in work until their 69th birthday. It is therefore important to review employees’ pension and insurance benefits.


Company-specific workshops for greater insight

In most businesses, only a few individuals are familiar with the company’s pension and insurance benefits. These people are often members of company management. The consequence is that strategically important issues that can contribute to profitability are neither highlighted nor acted upon. Compensation & Benefits’ consultants possess both knowledge of the subject and competence in facilitation. Workshops are held based on a study of strategy documents and the client’s objectives.


We give you the right consultancy support and project management

What are the business’s needs for pension and insurance benefits today and tomorrow? Pension, health and insurance benefits are having an increasing effect on recruitment processes and staff turnover. What is the employee’s aim for the pension, health and insurance benefits on offer? This is a fundamental question when an assignment commences.

The profitability of businesses also changes over time, which means that strategic changes are required, some of which can be implemented easily, while others can meet with resistance. Working on a consultancy basis, we offer knowledge, resource support and project management in areas where most businesses experience a resource shortage.


The right pension and insurance policy is decisive

We believe that the policy that regulates terms and conditions as well as who is covered by different pension benefits is of central importance from a governance perspective. It is management – with or without the support of external resources – that makes decisions on the structure of terms and conditions for the Board and employees. But it is administrative personnel in the HR and Finance functions who use these regulations to be able to perform their duties.

The policy must regulate company-specific terms and conditions in detail, but minimise terms and conditions that are regulated in laws and collective agreements. Information about these should instead be obtained via links.

Policy documents should not be aimed at all employees. A better solution is instead to make use of internal communication – for example via an intranet or benefit portals – to provide information about the facts.


Wellness Management – Healthy employees are profitable

Many of our employees have a background as HR managers or consultants. Down the years they have helped companies to structure programmes that aim to minimise expenses/disruption for both the employee and the business that are caused by ill health.

Our consultants start by mapping out the current status. This work involves using the client’s sources, and when required this mapping process is supplemented by in-depth interviews or questionnaires. The mapping process is then used as a basis for identifying how ill health can be minimised and also how, for example, existing benefits can be used better or whether they should be replaced.

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